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本文摘要:expose的用法:expose的用法1:expose的基本意思是有意或无意地使某人/物从隐藏之处或掩盖之中袒露出来展示在他人眼前,也可表现把某些丑陋的,见不得人的工具揭破出来,还可以表现撕下其面具,即“揭穿”。expose的用法2:expose是及物动词,接名词或代词作宾语,可用于被动结构。 expose的用法3:expose的宾语后常可接介词to表现“将…袒露于…”; 动词宾语为oneself时,则意为“将自己袒露于…”“使自己受某人的影响”。



expose的用法3:expose的宾语后常可接介词to表现“将…袒露于…”; 动词宾语为oneself时,则意为“将自己袒露于…”“使自己受某人的影响”。expose的经典例句:1. The area where most refugees are waiting is exposed to the elements.大多数灾黎等候救援的地方都不能挡风遮雨。2. "I have never knowingly exposed any patient to needless risks," he said.他说:“我从未居心将任何病人置于不须要的风险田地。

”3. He has simply been exposed as an adulterer and a fool.有人揭发他就是个奸夫和呆子。4. In the main rooms red-hot radiators were left exposed.在主室里,炽热的散热器袒露在外。5. After the scandal was exposed, Dr Bailey committed suicide.丑闻曝光后,贝利博士自杀了。


6. Suspicious fans exposed the racket and police arrested a man in Nottingham.起了疑心的喜好者揭发了这一活动,警员在诺丁汉逮捕了一名男子。7. This is some of the most exposed coastline in the world.这里的海岸线属于世界上最无遮蔽的一段了。8. Audiences' expectations are ratcheted up as they are exposed to high-budget productions.观众看过高成本影片后期望会相应上升。

9. The bear exposed its teeth in a muffled growl.那只熊龇出牙齿,发出一声低落的吼叫。10. Lowered sea levels exposed the shallow continental shelf beneath the Bering Sea.海平面下降使白令海底部的浅层大陆架袒露出来。11. They were exposed to radioactive fallout during nuclear weapons tests.在核武器试验中他们袒露在放射性灰尘之下。

12. They had not been exposed to most diseases common to urban populations.都会人口中多数常见的疾病他们都没有接触到。13. These units exposed children to many viewpoints of a given issue.这些单元让孩子们接触到有关某一特定问题的多种看法。14. They neglected to rearm in time and left Britain exposed to disaster.他们由于疏忽没有实时重整军备,效果使英国面临灾祸。15. An exposed garden may be chilled by cold winds.露天花园容易被凉风吹透。